I am writing to apply for the placement at The Week publication.

I have only recently been introduced to it and I have always been fascinated by the printed magazines and how in a completely digitized world, they still exist. I would love to follow a career in this industry. The feeling of flicking through an actual physical copy of a magazine cannot be replaced with anything else.

I have recently been presented to your publication and I was immediately hooked by the unbiased, extraordinarily written and diverse articles. Ever since then, it gets delivered every week at my house. I find it extremely informative, and for a media student, being up to date with news all over the world is quintessential. I have searched far and long for the publication or platform that will bring me all the news I need. I started with The New York Times, The Guardian, then I moved to Flipboard and I finally settled on The Week.

In life there are some moments in which you can feel your blood boiling from excitement. The moment when you feel like you found something just for you. Every time I read this publication I feel like I want to be there when it is printed, when it is created.

Whenever I read something I am most interested in how it was created, how it was put together, who is the person behind it all. This would be the perfect opportunity to get an insight into this intimidating, fast-paced industry.

I had a taste of this when I was the chair of the Press Corps at a Model United Nations conference; 3 days in which at the end of the day I needed to print and distribute a newspaper to every participant. The struggle with the printer, the deadlines and managing everything in order for it to be perfect gave me a thrill I have never experienced before.

And that was only a micro-publication that perhaps 300 people would read. Imagining how the process of creating, writing, editing and printing a publication that countless people read is something that makes my fingers tremble with excitement.

I study Digital Media and Communication at the University of Westminster. A course that lets me experience and test different branches of the media industry. Thus, with only one university year under my belt, I have pitched an idea for a lifestyle publication through my journalism module. We were given the freedom to come up with anything, thus creativity was the key. I created a magazine that intertwines traveling with music and is addressed for the people who want to dance while exploring. For every article about a part of the world, a series of beautiful photos and a playlist of the songs one should listen while there will be available. It started as a university project but it has now become my goal to actually create a printed version of this idea. That’s why I am even more interested in finding out the story behind how a prestigious printed publication is being produced.

Moreover, I have created a website from scratch using HTML, CSS and WordPress (https://theroadlistmag.com/ ). I have directed and produced a short video regarding the surveillance society we live in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkSj0nzAaHI). I am managing the social media accounts for a medical project sponsored by the European Commission. I love challenging myself, and last year did not lack in that.

Being an international student has its challenges but I have overcome this by being a fast learner and an adaptable person.  I feel this gives me an advantage and the open-mindedness and experience that is required in this field.  My hard-work ethic helps me achieve the goals that I have set my mind to.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to your answer!

Yours sincerely,

Teodora Ursoiu