17th April 2018 – the first day of the internship

I worked alongside Josh, the in-house graphic designer and got familiar with the role, the office and the people. Shadowed him throughout the day and watched the development of a project from a brief to completion.

I learnt technical stuff such as shortcuts and tricks in both Photoshop and Illustrator, more details about the company, the way they work and what the role actually entails and what is expected of me.

18th April 2018

On the second day I worked on creating the design for the online banner for Jack&Jones for the Debenhams Website.

I developed my design skills and my perspective in what regards creating a design from scratch. By receiving such an important task, it made me think outside the box and it challenged me to think creatively and create something different. I’ve also learnt to work faster in Photoshop and Illustrator, getting more confident with the shortcuts and the softwares in general. It helped me grow my confidence in my skills.

25th April 2018

I worked on an internal department tool which entailed using my website design skills and using JavaScript interactivity.

I massively developed my JavaScript understanding and I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt through the Web Production modules. Moreover, I managed to come up with a creative solution to the design of the tool.

Due to confidientiality reasons I am not at liberty to share the tool online.

30th April 2018

This was one of the busiest days. I worked on the internal tool, researched fashion showroom designs, created some showroom boards, resized some images for the Debenhams website and other little jobs that came up on the day.

Not only did I manage to develop my technical and design skills, but this day also helped me deal with a lot of time pressure and a more consistent workload. I learnt how to manage my time and use the pressure as an advantage.

1st May 2018

I helped Jake, the social media responsible, with a photoshoot for Jack&Jones and Selected Homme. I helped him with set-ups and lighting and even took some photos myself.

It was a very useful experience for my photography skills, as I learnt how to set up the camera and the lights, learnt about different camera angles, the different lenses and camera settings and how to set up a flat-lay image.