Dear Frances,

I am writing to apply for the Creative Fashion Internship at Bestseller. I have attended the briefing session at University of Westminster and was completely impressed by the company and what it stands for. The innovative and creative way in which everything works and the freedom your employees have is something that sparked my interest. During the meeting I felt like this position would be perfect for me and I am motivated to apply and do my best.

Creativity – a word that makes the difference between boring and exciting, between run-of-the-mill and extraordinary. A word that many want to achieve. A word that best describes your work. From your ‘Designing your future’ belief, to the content you create and produce, your company is one that makes any creative and hard-working student excited and willing to put in the hours.

Nowadays, we can be creative in a million of different ways. It gets harder by the minute yet exponentially more satisfying. Social media is a place where creativity is unleashed. From personal profiles to companies and celebrities, everybody is looking for that ounce of creativity to make them stand out from the crowd.

I cannot claim that I know the secret to unlimited creativity. But I do know that I can get you one step closer to that. My love of photography helps me exercise innovative ways to take the same photos millions may have had before me. (

Through writing my traveling adventures on my online publication, I manage to string the same words everybody uses in a unique way.

I study Digital Media and Communication at the University of Westminster. A course that lets me experience and test different branches of the media industry. Thus, with only one university year under my belt, I have pitched an idea for a lifestyle publication through my journalism module. We were given the freedom to come up with anything, thus creativity was the key. I created a magazine that intertwines traveling with music and is addressed for the people who want to dance while exploring. For every article about a part of the world, a series of beautiful photos and a playlist of the songs one should listen while there will be available.

Moreover, I have created a website from scratch using HTML, CSS and WordPress ( ). I have directed and produced a short video regarding the surveillance society we live in ( I am managing the social media accounts for a medical project sponsored by the European Commission. I love challenging myself, and last year did not lack in that.

Being an international student has its challenges but I have overcome this by being a fast learner and an adaptable person.  I feel this gives me an advantage and the open-mindedness and experience that is required in this field.  My hard-work ethic helps me achieve the goals that I have set my mind to.

This internship would be my entrance in this mesmerizing and somehow intimidating industry. I would love to have a hands-on experience within such a close-knit and innovative company. I want to extend my knowledge beyond university modules and use my creativity in new ways. Being one of the leading companies in wholesale, it would be an honour and an enormous opportunity to learn and stand out in the crowd. I want to go to a job that I love and this seems like the perfect way to start.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to your answer!

Yours sincerely,

Teodora Ursoiu