The first step of the application process was to start looking for internships on various websites such as:

Engage – Westminster Platform

Creative Pool

The Guardian Jobs



Prospects – the internships section

Arts Jobs

This gave me an idea of what types of internships were out there, what I would be suitable for and what I actually wanted to get out of an internship. I soon realised that the internships that really spoke to me were on the more creative side, that contained elements of media production, be it film, photography, web design and graphic design. The role of a creative internĀ seemed to be the ideal one for me.

I then researched the key requirments and job roles for this type of internship, and with the help of the aforementioned websites I managed to identify the key skills and experience that I had and would recommend me for the position. These skills included:

Adobe Creative Suit Skills



Filmmaking and editing


The research that I did before actively applying to internships on the mentioned websites really made me realise what kind of internship I would want to apply for, what kind of role I would love to have and even what career path I would want to follow in the future. Seeing various internships roles and the job specs shaped an image of what the creative industry is and possible jobs I could have in it.

Then, the actual application process started. After identifying the role I wanted to follow and the requirements that I had to meet, I created my CV and cover letters.

During this time, I started scouting for the perfect internships, and with the help of the university and the emails we received from our course leader regarding jobs, I managed to find three internships that I really wanted to apply for. One of them was for The Week Magazine, another for Shoot Europe and the last one was for BESTSELLER UK. For the latter one I attended a presentation at the university and although the fashion industry was not on my radar of industries I would like to work in, the presentation and the actual internship really made me get excited about my future.

After creating my CV (link to cv), the next step was writing the cover letter. I researched professional websites like Prospects, CV Library, Monster and the Guardian Careers, which helped me improve my former cover letter and create an impactful one. I initially applied to the 3 internships: Shoot Europe, . The Week and Bestseller.

After a month, I was contacted by Bestseller to create a 1-minute video talking about myself. After submitting the video, I received a phone call and got invited to an interview at Bestseller regarding the position.

The interview went well and it confirmed to me that I really wanted the internship and that it would be one of the best experiences for my career growth.

I never heard back from the other two internships, but since the Bestseller internship was confirmed very early in my search for internships, I was extremly happy with the outcome and very excited to start the internship!